Dragonball X : New Age

A World where Seven Magical Items Called Dragonballs are scattered Across the Universe. When also Seven Balls are Reunited the Summoner is Granted 1 Wish from the Eternal Dragon... Join in the Hunt for the Dragonballs and Aspire to be the Best !
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PostSubject: Burna's Profile   Burna's Profile Icon_minitimeSun Oct 09, 2011 2:03 pm

Basic Info

Name: Burna
Rank: Royal Family Prince
Allegiance: Planet Trade Organization
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Height: 4' 9
Weight: 105 lbs


Fighting Style: Aggressive and Analytical
Burna is very prideful of his Power, and also very arrogant. Despite this flaw he very intelligent and is quick to Analyze a persons weakness and or fears. He is usually very serious except when fighting where he enjoys to torture his opponent
Goals: To Eventually become Powerful Enough, to Become the new King of
the Plane Trade Organization
The day he was born, he was give a Planet that his Father
Named after him. His father taught him and his siblings that they would one day take his throne
when he himself passes to the Next life. Burna very enthusiastic quickly stated that he would surpass his brothers and take over the planet Trade Organization. He trained with his brothers on a daily basis
sharpening his skills. Though he was the Youngest he showed the most promise. at the Age of 13 he began conquering planets on his own, though sometimes with help from his brothers he quickly increased the profit and power of the Planet trade Organization. Seeing as his father is begininng to get Older he now Aspires to build an Army to overthrow the King... He has his sights set on the Saiyans now.

[/b]Signature Techniques[/b]

Name:Death Beam
Range: Long
Description: He extends his right arm and fires a small, bullet-like beam of ki from his index finger. It is able to be fired very quickly while maintaining precise aim. It can vary from either an explosion or piercing attack.

Name:Death Cannon
Range: Long
Description:A more powerful form of Death Beam shot from the palm of the hand.

Name: Eye Lasers
Range: Long
Description: Are precise laser-like beams shot from both eyes. The potency of the Eye Laser technique varies, but most of them are very fast and able to nullify weak attacks and small projectiles, as well as cripple opponents and damage other objects. The Eye Lasers can vary in color from red to a bright blue-tinged white.

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Burna's Profile
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