Dragonball X : New Age

A World where Seven Magical Items Called Dragonballs are scattered Across the Universe. When also Seven Balls are Reunited the Summoner is Granted 1 Wish from the Eternal Dragon... Join in the Hunt for the Dragonballs and Aspire to be the Best !
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Basic Info

Name: Tora
Age: 30
Class: Mid
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6'0
Weight: 164 lbs


Fighting Style: Tactical
Personality: Usually Calm and Collected, & Joyful
Goals: To Surpass Bardock
History: Tora was born into a Low Class Family, But due to his exceptionaly
strenght quickly rose to Mid- Class. He became an Average soldier
and rose through the ranks, Achieving the lieneage to conquer palnets in small units.
His past unit was nearly obliterated until the Saiyan Named Bardock
Rescued them all. Since then Tora and Bardock have been best friends and Rivals

Signature Techniques

Name: Mouth Energy Wave
Range: Long
Description: Releases a Large Destructive Blast from the mouth

Name: Blue Flare
Range: Close
Description: An Energy Blast that Ignites the Foe with a Blue Flame

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Tora's Profile
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