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A World where Seven Magical Items Called Dragonballs are scattered Across the Universe. When also Seven Balls are Reunited the Summoner is Granted 1 Wish from the Eternal Dragon... Join in the Hunt for the Dragonballs and Aspire to be the Best !
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 Changling System

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PostSubject: Changling System   Changling System Icon_minitimeSat Oct 08, 2011 7:14 pm

Is the unofficial name given to the mysterious
race that Frieza, his father King Cold, and his elder brother Cooler belong to.
Some members of the race have been shown to possess the ability to transform into several forms, each
holding different power and speed capabilities. They are all capable of surviving even the most horrific injury and
are able to survive even in the vacuum of space

2nd Form( Automatic )
2nd Form- Multiplies Power by x2.5

3rd Form:
Multiplies Power by x3.5
Base Power of 50,000
# of Training Points: over 225

4th Form:
Multiplies Power by x7.8
Base Power of 100,000
# of Training Points: 250

5th Form
Multiplies Power by x10
Base Power of 3,000,000
# of Training Points: 615

Once a changling has transformed into one of these
states they cannot Revert Back.
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Changling System
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