Dragonball X : New Age

A World where Seven Magical Items Called Dragonballs are scattered Across the Universe. When also Seven Balls are Reunited the Summoner is Granted 1 Wish from the Eternal Dragon... Join in the Hunt for the Dragonballs and Aspire to be the Best !
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 Gathering Information

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PostSubject: Gathering Information   Gathering Information Icon_minitimeSat Feb 18, 2012 1:49 pm

*Having interrogated an elderly man, islands away from the landing spot, Tora relays the message of the Dragonballs Abilities to Bardock via th Scouter*

So they can grant the summoner any wish huh...
Looks like they may be useful after all, & they originate from Namek so there may beeven more..

* Flys off to find his teamates*
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Gathering Information
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